How this blog will help you make INFORMED overseas property investment decisions…

If you want to see property investment overseas for what it
really is, then you’re in the right place.

If you are looking for a ‘get rich quick’ guaranteed overseas
property investment system, I’m afraid you’re in the wrong place.

I’m not a person who makes his money telling people how they can
become a multi-billionaire in overseas property investments.

After being an FSA regulated Personal Independant Financial
Adviser for 20 years, I approached overseas investment property
because I found it exciting and I wanted a change.

Then I saw all the products flood in and was quite taken aback by
what I witnessed…

expensive seminars magically given away for free (because they’re
sales presentations)…

greedy men, pushy salespeople, selling products they wouldn’t buy
themselves, who don’t care about the client.

Not to mention the widespread, wild sales literature claims
that plague the market with hidden high risk, to the extent that
you’d actually be better off playing the lottery!

The real picture is uglier than you could imagine, frankly,
95% of what I see on the market is unsubstantiated claims.

After some research I realised that a viable way to REALLY help people
who are considering investment property overseas, is to give as much
of my knowledge away as I can. (And do it for free).

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