5 Things I love about overseas property investment

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I truly enjoy my job.

Not many people can say
that but I can. 

The five reasons below are
why I have been having a ball
whilst others have been down
in the dumps over the UK market 
in recent years.

And more importantly, this is
also why you could be enjoying the
same things if you read this blog.

1. I got to explore the World

I originally approached this area because a lot of investment opportunities were being abused due to the unregulated nature of this market place. I observed that this had the effect of making people very wary and reluctant to invest overseas. I recognised that there was an opportunity to put some confidence into that market place by using my reputation and trust as an IFA to help to identify genuine property investments and promote them transparently to appropriate investors.

From that I grew to love travelling to different locations, questioning the people involved, questioning the paperwork, questioning the ‘promises’ and truly enjoying being able to provide solutions for investors looking for strong investment opportunities from around the world.

2. I escaped the doom and gloom of recent years

One of the reasons for investing overseas is that you have an opportunity to invest in a diverse range of cultures and economies in an ever changing world. This means that strong investments can crop up in different locations at different times, providing a constant supply for a diverse portfolio. This provides a spread of risk and strong overall yields and/or growth.

3. The thrill of the hunt

Discovering different categories of property investments is exciting. 

If you have a market place where the prices have plummeted as a result of recession, but rental income has remained high, this provides exceptional percentage yields for the investor with the added bonus of potentially strong capital growth as that economy recovers post recession.  

At the same time in other parts of the world, new locations could be emerging. To give one example, strong holiday destinations where the need in these economies is for tourism. Investing in carefully selected hotel resorts could produce strong capital growth as those locations become more and more popular as holiday makers search for new destinations.

4. The safety and security that comes from a diverse portfolio

A portfolio built from a variety of these investments creates spread of risk and strength based on the principle that it is highly unlikely that all the markets could fall at the same time. World economies tend to balance themselves out so as one economy suffers another will be experiencing growth.

Spare a thought then for the investor who chooses the false perception of safety by investing all their money in one local economy. It simply means that when that economy suffers, their whole portfolio collapses and leaves them with the choice of selling for damage limitation or a long, frugal wait for that single economy to recover.

5. It’s actually very entertaining

Right in the middle of a seminar yesterday, just as we were about to reaffirm the strength of the investment that we were conducting training on, I was compelled to interrupt the proceedings and draw attention to an email promoting the wonders of investing in bamboo. I had indeed received an email offering huge returns and no security. The preposterous promises were laughable and simply served to confirm the strength of property investments overall and this is something we see nearly every day.

Still, it does serve to lighten our day! Once you get into this business and really understand how it all works, the marketing really is quite funny. Maybe this sort of thing is familiar to you and you also have seen similar comedy gems, maybe you’d like to send them to me so we can add them to our rogues gallery.

What do you love about overseas property investment? What is that draws you to it? Let me know by commenting.

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