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If you’re a UK male, the bad news is that, if you do nothing, your pension annuity is more than likely going to fall before Christmas.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but in this instance there’s no choice. If you thought that pensions in the UK couldn’t get any worse, then brace yourself: the pensions forecast for many UK males is that their annuities are about to drop.

If you’re a UK male pension holder, and if you haven’t purchased an annuity by the 21st December, or done something to change your current arrangements, the pension forecast for you is that the amount of income you’re able to get is likely to fall.

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Pensions are becoming alarming nowadays.

Just how bad do UK pension annuity rates have to get before we take to the streets?

If you work diligently to make enough to keep the wolf from the family’s door, and a part of your financial planning for the future has been your pension, then I expect you’re probably pretty unhappy right now. Pensions are becoming alarming nowadays.

In the past your pension planning was relatively straightforward – you made contributions (either as an employee, or privately), and those contributions were invested on your behalf to create a pension fund large enough to give you a reasonable pension annuity rate on your retirement.

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Green oil investment and high risk SIPP

Many people have heard me speak of the
next financial bubble to burst which,
in my opinion, will be that of the self
invested personal pension (SIPP)….

and it appears it may have started with
a green oil investment.

There has been a sudden surge of activity
from HMRC and the Serious Fraud Office
in connection with large amounts of pension monies pouring into such a product.

It is understood that one FSA regulated
company may have been investing up to
£2 million from people’s pensions….per week,

and in doing so may have exploited some holes
in the system.

This may explain why their web presence
has significantly reduced of late.

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I truly enjoy my job.

Not many people can say
that but I can. 

The five reasons below are
why I have been having a ball
whilst others have been down
in the dumps over the UK market 
in recent years.

And more importantly, this is
also why you could be enjoying the
same things if you read this blog.

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You are not rational, nor am I, no humans are.

In my first post we covered how to sift through marketing.

This is one thing you should know before even setting
eyes on marketing literature.

We all act based on emotion all the time, it’s just
how are brains our wired.

There are many examples of this but one of the most
persuasive is the case of Elliot.

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And surprisingly, that mis-selling isn’t only from the
less-than-honest salesmen….

Actually, many otherwise fairly good sales people mis-sell,
and they do it mostly through naivety and plausible

How can that be? Find out in this post.

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Wouldn’t it be great to see past the sales hype…

Because more often than not, a lot of marketing IS misleading…

but not actually in the way that you THINK it is.

What’s worse – some of those terribly designed brochures from ‘stranger companies’ can hide strong products!

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